Best Electric Roaster Oven – How to Choose!

by The Smoke Expert on September 27, 2014

While my site predominantly focuses on helping you choose the best electric smoker, I also tend to listen to my reader requests a lot and one of them wrote in saying he needed help in choosing the best electric roaster oven to cook turkey and other meat.

Electric roasters often make cooking life really convenient and manageable. That is because having such an oven means that you need not always wait for the normal oven to become free. During holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving, these ovens really make everything very quick and efficient to deal with, saving time and preventing hassles.

However, if you truly want to cook delicious foods, you cannot just rely on any type of oven. You have to choose a top model in order to make sure that you end up getting desired results. Keeping that in mind, I have compiled a list of the four best roaster ovens, including a detailed review about each:

#1. Hamilton 32229 Beach Roaster Oven

This is the roaster oven that tops my list when it comes to finding the best electric roaster oven. The 32229 by Hamilton Beach has a sleek appearance, owing to the presence of stainless steel finish. The oven looks perfect in any kitchen.

Hamilton 32229 Beach Roaster Oven

Even though this oven has been criticized and compared by a few users, it has still been able to maintain over 95 percent rating on an average. That is a huge achievement for an electrical appliance of this nature.

Its features:

  • It has the ability to deal with 22 quarts, and therefore, holding as high as 24 pounds of turkey is no big deal for this beast
  • It is perfect for roasting and baking, and it is even better for general cooking
  • This oven can effectively keep food warm for a long time
  • The highest temperature that can be maintained by this oven is 450 degrees Fahrenheit; and its temperature control knob is very user-friendly
  • The wire rack, lid, as well as the insert pan can be removed in order to clean the appliance quickly
  • Moving the oven to the table while it is hot is not inconvenient at all, since it features cool touch handles on its sides
  • In order to let the imagination of users run wild, the package contains a recipe book filled with delicious dishes
  • Approximately, this Hamilton Beach roster oven measures 25 by 18 by 11 inches
  • The appliance has a weight of 19 pounds
  • It comes with a limited one-year warranty period

Its advantages:

Most of the users of the oven think that the extremely easy cleaning process is the best thing about it. However, they also agree that the appliance has a very reasonable price, considering its quality and durability.

Its disadvantages:

A small percentage of users feel that the manufacturer has not done enough to prevent the sides of the oven from getting excessively hot. While that may be true, you can avoid burning your hands by using kitchen mitts. It is always best to wear mitts when you are dealing with hot pots anyway, when it comes to preventing burns.

#2. Rival Roaster Electric Oven

In case you like ovens that are small in size, you may want to set your eyes on the Rival Oven. Having a capacity of 18 quarts, this model is 4 quarts shy of the capacity of the above model.

Rival Roaster Electric Oven

Considering its customer reviews, this appliance seems truly fantastic. With an overall rating exceeding 90 percent, this smart appliance has every bit of potential to make cooking a whole lot easier for you. You can get it either in black or in white, depending on your preference.

Its features:

  • Having a size of 18 quarts, the amount of space it takes is much lesser compared to that occupied by its competitors
  • It can not only be utilized for roasting, cooking and baking; but also for serving
  • Temperature can be adjusted from as low as 150 degrees F to as high as 450 degrees
  • While this product is equipped with cool handles on both sides, it is still advisable to use mitts
  • The product can accommodate turkeys having a weight of as high as 18 pounds
  •  It is highly energy efficient, as the extent of energy it uses is almost 77 percent less compared to traditional ovens; moreover, it cooks food nearly 30 percent faster too
  • Its roasting pan has a nice enamel coating, combined with an elegant steel finish
  • The rack, as well as the roasting pan, can be removed in order to make cleaning sessions manageable
  • Officially, this model is called the RO180
  • With a weight of nearly 17 pounds, this appliance is quite lightweight
  • It has a compact body, measuring only 23.5 by 17.5 by 9.8 inches
  • It comes with a warranty period of one year

#3. Oster Roaster Oven CKSTRS23

Scoring more than 84 percent in Amazon, this appliance has more than 100 glowing reviews to its credit. Constructed with quality stainless steel, this 22 quart oven, manufactured by Oster, has the ability to cook mouthwatering dishes and is undoubtedly one of the best electric roaster ovens in the market.

Oster Roaster Oven CKSTRS23

Its features:

  • As much as 22 pounds of turkey can be cooked by this beast at once
  • It has enamel-coated steel pan for roasting
  • The rack is removable
  • In order to make serving easier the manufacture has provided a convenient lid rest
  • The oven measures 17.5 x 24 x 10.3 inches
  • In terms of weight, it stands at 18 pounds.
  • The official model number is CKSTRS23

Its advantages:

The one thing that is loved by almost all of its users is its size. Other than that, most users agree that its features are great too. Hence, they always enthusiastically recommend this oven to their friends, colleagues and family members.

Its disadvantages:

The oven cannot be washed using a dishwasher. Also, there are more complaints of it being a bit defective compared to its main competitors.

#4. Nesco Roaster Oven with 6-Quarts Capacity

Many people feel that 6 quarts of capacity is not enough for an oven, but the fact is that if you are only cooking meals for the family, that extent of capacity is more than enough. This Nesco oven offers 6 quarts of capacity, and while it may not be great for taking care of parties due to its small size, it is fantastic for cooking family dinner or lunch.

Nesco Roaster Oven with 6-Quarts Capacity

You can choose between ivory or red color. Since the lid has glass finish, it looks quite elegant. Also, the same aspect allows users to view food even when the lid is not removed.

Its features:

  • While the minimum temperature is 175 degrees F, the maximum is 425 degrees F
  • It requires 750 watts in order to operate
  • Except broiling, it can do everything a conventional oven can do
  • Interestingly, it cooks from the sides, and not from the bottom, by using heat energy circles
  • While the usual cooking types, such as baking, roasting, slow cooking etc., can be done using it, serving is also possible
  • It features a chrome rack that can be removed
  • While its dimensions, nearing 15 by 8 by 15 inches, are certainly compact, the weight of 10 pounds is really low too
  • Officially, it has been assigned the identity 4816-12G

While you will not be able to fit a complete turkey, roasting breasts is perfectly doable. With almost 90 customer reviews, it has an overall score of 86 percent and completes my roundup of the best electric roaster for turkey.

Best Electric Roaster Oven – Tips for effective and safe cooking

  • To reduce cooking time, use aluminum foil for preventing heat from reaching the top
  • Make use of cooking mitts in order to prevent burns and injuries.
  • Ensure that you prevent children from coming near the oven when you are cooking something.

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