Best Electric Smoker under 100 Dollars

by The Smoke Expert on July 12, 2014

After listening to my readers and creating a detailed guide to finding the top electric smokers under $200, $300 and $500; I think it’s time for another list but this time we’ll focus on zeroing in on the best electric smoker under 100 dollars!

Now, when I started my research by speaking to various other fellow meat lovers, a lot of them said $100 was too low a price point and it would be super difficult for me to find a quality smokehouse at that price range. Guess what! It was even tougher than that!

Nonetheless, after scouring through various online forums and visiting half a dozen BBQ shops and testing out various electric smokers, I finally narrowed down my choice to 3. So, if you are on a tight budget and want a good meat smoker that offers versatility and value for money, then there are three models that will suit your needs, providing immense value for $100 or less:

1. Brinkmann Model 810-5290-4 Electric Smoker with Grill

Grilling is fun with a smoker, especially when cooking at home for the family. However, the issue with many popular smokers is the size since smokers tend to be a bit bulk and not everyone wants to get one even when required. However, the Brinkmann 810-5290-4 solves that problem, because it has a compact size that fits in most spaces quite well and that’s one of the reasons why it’s my pick for the #1 choice when it comes to finding the best electric smoker under 100 dollars.

Brinkmann Model 810-5290-4 Electric Smoker

Having a height of only 26 inches, this smoker has sides that have a measurement of just 17 inches! The great thing is, even though it has quite compact dimensions, still it can handle a large quantity of meat each time, whether it be turkey or ribs for Thanksgiving, or simple smoked meat for a small party. So you get a model that is not very bulky to annoy you or take extra space, and yet one that can provide sufficient amount of cooked meat.

Each of the grills has a capacity of holding as much as 25 pounds of meat, and so in total, you get to deal with 50 pounds during a single session, which is huge! That much meat is almost never needed, even during large parties or gatherings. Having said that, it is still very nice to have a large capacity though, because that means you can just grill more food than immediately required, and keep eating that extra with sandwiches for the whole week!

The fact that this smoker has the ability to heat itself is definitely a plus, as that means you can simply put the meat you want to smoke inside, and move about do to other things after plugging in. The manufacturer has made sure that even though it has modern features, it does not lack traditional ones either. For instance, you can easily use wood chips or charcoal with the model in case you desire so. However, since the smoker offers 1500-watts of power, such additional hassle may not be worth the shot.

Another like-able aspect about this Brinkmann is that you can grill your food too, without having to use a real grill. Even if you have a grill already, the grilling feature will still come quite handy when you want to smoke your food and just want a bit grilling before eating. Especially for tailgating, the feature proves to be a real perk.

The Brinkmann Smoke N’ Grill is equipped with a 1 year warranty period, but given the quality of the product, it is doubtful whether you will actually even need to use the warranty. The steel body is certainly very durable when it comes to withstanding roughness. However, nothing is guaranteed and you can come across some kind of accident or damage, so it is always worth to have the manufacturer stand by the product.

This combination of grill and electric smoker is a very good option for first timers, so in case you never owned a smoker, you cannot go wrong with this model. For the amount you pay for it, you get many good things. Not only its compact design will make everything hassle free, but also its lightweight body will be useful when having to move the thing. If you want to take your smoker with you outside and have fun enjoying smoking when the calm breeze hits you, this Brinkmann is your perfect choice.

2. Little Chief Electric Home Smoker

If you are someone who loves backyard smoking, then the Home Smoker from Little Chief may prove to be the perfect partner for you. Having a good 165 degrees in its arsenal, the smoker has the capacity to provide hours of great smoking. There is no need to deal with messy fire or charcoal either, since the fuel pan is great for delicious smoke.

Little Chief’s Electric Home Smoker

With a height of just near 25 inches and width of about 11 inches, the smoker has the capacity to accommodate almost 24 pounds meat. The front loading model features 4 grills which are easy when it comes to sliding. The grills are housed using aluminum casing. As far as cleaning is concerned, not much hassle is involved, since the drip pan is dishwasher safe. Moreover, for assuring quality output, the housing has been vented to ensure proper dehydration. The great thing about this smoker is that you can immediately get to work, as it comes with wood fuel bag as well as recipe book.

Most smoking enthusiasts are going to be absolutely delighted with the smoker’s ability to cook jerky. Further, the compact design makes sure that it is possible to take it to different trips. In addition to that, when it is time for camping, this smoker may prove to be a real lifesaver as it will make the presence of delicious mouthwatering meat known.

Smoked cheese or salmon produced from this smoker are real treats as well. The Little Chief smoker has the ability to handle different foods with expertise. Once you get its tasty food to combine with crisp wine and crackers, the backyard will seem like an abode of culinary crowd.

Note: If you’re looking for a similar smoker but with in a larger size, then do read my detailed review of the Big Chief Front Load Smoker.

3. Brinkmann’s 810-7080-K Gourmet Electric Smoker and Grill

Finishing up this list of the best electric smoker under 100 dollars is the Brinkmann’s 810-7080-K Gourmet Electric Smoker and Grill. This particular smoker, again from Brinkmann, does not need charcoal at all. So there is not the hassle of temperature regulation using charcoals. Moreover, you do not need to deal with briquettes either, since the model can steadily maintain about 225 degrees. Just loading the basin using lava rocks or wood will get the smoker started.

Best Electric Smoker under 100 Dollars

As far as its dimensions go, the height is about 35 inches and the width is nearly 17 inches. It has a capacity to smoke as much as 50 pounds at a time. Due to its compactness, it can be easily used in apartment balconies or backyard patios. Two cooking grills made of metal are present, and handling ribs or other food racks with convenience is easy with this model.

As you may already know, in order to make perfectly delicious BBQ, one needs to have patience. With the ability to patiently maintain 225 degrees of heat, this smoker is totally fantastic when it comes to making BBQs. Note that the actual time taken for smoking will vary between different meat types.

One of the main selling points of this smoker is that it offers a great deal of versatility. Not only does it work well with things like chicken, fish and ribs, but also show its wonders when it comes to making briskets. Do not be afraid to experiment with different kinds of sauces, marinades or pastes. Whether all you want to do is smoke Thanksgiving turkey or aim to make delicious beef jerky in your own style, this smoker will be your savior in every situation.

Not only is the Brinkmann Electric Grill and Smoker great for small family meals but also nice for large gatherings. The thing is, the model has a very simple user-friendly interface even with all its versatile features. All in all, this product is one of the finest electric smokers in the market that costs less than $100.

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