Best Grill under 300 – A Detailed Review Guide

by The Smoke Expert on October 17, 2014

If you are willing to spend 300 dollars for a grill, you will be able to choose among some of the finest options. We all dream of having that grill in our patio which can cook BBQ like a dream, steak heavenly meat, and do so much more.

In this article, we take a look at the 3 top rated grills that cost less than $300:

1. Dyna-Glo Premium Stainless Grill

My #1 choice for the best grill under 300 dollars goes to the Dyna-Glo Premium Stainless Grill. This company makes some of the most amazing grills in the world, and its black and stainless grills are no exception. In the series, there is a 5-burner grill, a 4-burner model, and a 2-burner model. We are going to put a spotlight on the beautiful 2-burner variant here.

Best Grill under 300 - Dyna-Glo Premium Stainless Grill

First of all, the grill looks exceptionally good for its price. It looks like a luxurious item. Chances are, most of your guests will probably mistake it as costing a lot more than its real price.

Featuring a total area of 547 square inches, this 2-burner grill takes pride in offering 30,000 BTUs. Now, that may not seem like a lot, but the fact is that it can steel cook most types of food deliciously. Primary space of cooking covers around 350 square inches. The workspace is, therefore, pretty large in size. The grill comes with two cast-iron made cooking grates which have enamel-coating, two P-like burners, and two heat tents coated with enamel to enrich cooking flavor. Also, there are two wheel casters – locking, as well as non-locking.

The grill’s lid has double-wall liner, which helps in effectively retaining heat during grilling. Also, since there are end caps made of aluminum too, solidity of the highest standard is assured. Compared to many other popular models, this grill has an easier control panel. The panel includes bezel base, dials, as well as electronic push button technology.

If you do not have a lot of space for keeping a huge grill in your abode, do not worry, because this grill only occupies a little bit of space. Even though Dyna-Glo has yet to dominate the online market, the company has earned a lot of respect during the recent years by producing heavy-duty grills that are very reliable. The brand’s quality gets reflected in this model too, as it gets heated pretty fast, performs exceptionally well, and offers nice durability. It is not a grill that can be considered among the top in the world, but as long as we are talking about models under $300, this one emerges as a winner.

This 2-burner model does not come in different fuel-options, it only uses liquid propane. If you are not hell bent on using natural gas or something else, you need to seriously give this model some thought. The great thing is, at just $257, this grill is very affordable. Another fantastic aspect is that it has a solid 4.4 stars in Amazon, even though there are over 80 reviews.

2. Weber Q2200 54060001 BBQ Grill

The Q2200 from Weber happens to be a very reliable BBQ grill, having push-button technology for ignition. The easy-to-operate model features 280 sq. inches of space for cooking. There is a burner valve which can be adjusted, along with one regulator which gives you the flexibility to change temperature.

Weber Q2200 54060001 BBQ Grill


In order to make this grill a product that does not attract corrosion, the manufacturer has made the nylon frame rich in glass. Also, the presence of the lid made of cast aluminum reinforces the same goal of the manufacturer.

By default, this Weber is set to use 14.1-ounces of propane cylinders or 16.6-ounces cylinders. However, if you want to reduce running costs a bit, you can always purchase additional accessories with a view to converting the default to 20-pounds of LPG. Ideally, that route is best to take if you want to set the grill on your patio, balcony, garden or deck. Since the tuck-away tables of this model come with tong-holders and built-in type spatula, it is remarkably convenient to handle too. The model offers a warranty period of 5-years, which is pretty amazing.

The Weber Q3200, on the other hand, is a significantly more advanced model. The product features two burners, and there is cart attached. Even when you use that grill during cold weather, the heating time does not disappoint at all. In fact, we found that the grill only took little longer time to preheat during cold weather, and nothing else. Searing was great, and heat maintenance was impressive too. Considering the size of this grill, those abilities are highly likeable. The steaks we grilled came out perfectly fine, having caramelized outer parts, and medium rare insides.

There is a convenient LED light as well, which works in the way refrigerator lights work. That is, if you choose the ‘auto-on’ mode, whenever you open the lid, the light illuminates the cooking grates As soon as you close the main lid, the light turns automatically off. The feature is very useful during winter nights, as most people choose to grill food when it is dark. For those times when you are using the grill in daytime, you can turn off the light completely too.

This grill does not deal with charcoal, so people who like to know that their grill uses charcoal simply because that looks more traditional may be disappointed. However, despite the absence of charcoal use, this model can cook great quality grilled items. The durability of this product is excellent, and its grilling surface is quite a brilliant work. A built-in type thermometer would have been nice to have though.

All in all, it definitely deserves its place in this list of the best grill under 300 dollars!

3. Char-Broil 480 Classic Grill

One of the best gas grills under $300 comes with four highly-impressive burners and this 40,000 BTU model from Char-Broil makes itself appear very appealing. Char-Broil manufactured grills are known for reliability, quality construction, as well as impeccable performance. You can expect all those things from this model. The grill further features a 10,000 BTU side burner, which has a lid. The total cooking surface is nearly 480 square inches, of which the secondary cooking area is 180 square inches in size. All the grates this grill has are coated with porcelain, and are made of high-quality cast-iron. The model features side shelves too, which are large and metal-rich.

Char-Broil 480 Classic Grill

In order to make moving it from place to place a convenient feat, the manufacturer has included two 7-inch wheels that help a lot whenever the grill needs to be relocated. Needless to say, the grill features an easy electronic system for ignition, which assures easy and fast starts. As far as durability goes, this heavy-duty thing seems right enough.

This model will not give you access to countless bells and whistles, because it has been designed in a classic way. But, you do not really need countless features to have a great cooking experience. This model is not only easy to use, but also very high-performing. The construction quality leaves nothing to complain about either. As long as you do not expect to have thousands of different features, this grill will prove to be an amazing companion.

The product at a glance:

  • It features four superb burners, each having a capacity of 40,000 BTUs
  • There is an additional side burner with 10,000 BTUs of capacity, which has a lid
  • Primary cooking area is 480 sq. inches, while secondary space is 180 sq. inches
  • The body features metal shelves which are large, and offers 2 seven-inch wheels to make moving easier
  • It is pleasing to the eyes with stainless finish and great-looking control panel
  • Ignition is made super-easy by electronic push start.


Best Outdoor Electric Grill for the Money

by The Smoke Expert on October 8, 2014

I’ve wanted to review outdoor electric grills from quite a long time but just wasn’t finding enough time. But when some of my readers wrote in saying they would love to see a list of the best outdoor electric grills, I decided to take the plunge.

After testing numerous grills and speaking to other grilling experts, I narrowed down my choice for the best outdoor electric grill to the below three. Each of these is very good value for money and does not compromise on the quality factor at all.

So if you’re looking for best outdoor electric grill for steaks or just best outdoor electric grill reviews, then you’ve come to the right place!

1. Char-Broil 12601578 Tru-Infrared Electric Patio Grill

The popular grill maker Char-Broil gets most respect for building unique varieties of gas grills. Putting especial emphasis on modern infrared cooking, the manufacturer has gathered a lot of appreciation for releasing affordable grills having smart designs. Char-Broil is one of the few grill manufactures which provide truly great customer service on all levels. The Tru-Infrared Patio Bistro is one of the finest grills produced by the company. Actually, all the infrared grills that were built after 2012 by the brand bear the tag ‘Tru-Infrared’. These grills, quite effectively, utilize tube burners made of stainless steel in order to heat food. A radiant surface does its job of preventing direct flame from influencing cooking of food, reducing heat that rises from burners.

Char-Broil 12601578 Tru-Infrared Electric Patio Grill

The appliance utilizes 1750 watts, and requires 120 volts. Note that the grate has a one-piece style, and is porcelain-coated. As far as the overall construction of the appliance is concerned, you can witness a housing that features stainless steel, having nice coating of porcelain. It serves those people best who live in a condo or apartment and cannot use open flames for cooking purposes.

The total surface area of this grill nears 240 sq. inches. The warming rack covers an area of 80 sq. inches. The addition of a towel rack just below the control panel is certainly a good move by the manufacturer. Also, this appliance features a lid thermometer. Having two wheels, it does not make use of locking casters. There are a variety of color options available, including chocolate, vanilla and graphite. Good thing is, you can use LPG too.

Although the total space of 240 sq. inches is nothing spectacular, the grill can still cook a good amount of food. It is not some full-sized variety by any means, however. The positive part is, it does not take a huge amount of space. In fact, you can practically keep it pretty much anywhere, as long as an electrical outlet seems within reach. It can only do the basics of grilling, as it is an electric variety. The intensity of heat is definitely high, but if you want the kind of searing ability provided by gas or charcoal grills, then this model is not for you. Further, keep in mind that you will not be able to get authentic flavor of grilled food, even though the unit allows you to produce smoke by using wood chips.

The amount of volts this grill uses is not too high as to allow it to generate satisfactory grilling temperatures. But, this appliance has been engineered in such a way that it focuses on generating heat very intensely, and as a result, you get temperature that is good enough for cooking. Powder-coated steel being its main construction material, it has a single cooking grate that features porcelain-coating.

All in all, it’s one of the best outdoor grills in the market and my #1 choice for the best outdoor electric grill.

2. George Foreman GGR50B Indoor and Outdoor Grill

This GGR50B from George Foreman is one of the best indoor, as well as outdoor, grills. This electric grill can be used on tabletop without any inconvenience. To make the experience versatile, the auxiliary pedestal that comes with it can be used.

George Foreman GGR50B Indoor and Outdoor Grill

The George Foreman outdoor electric grill gives the impression of a bowl that is resting on stick when assembled fully with its pedestal. If you attach the Megadome Lid, the appliance almost resembles a steel ball. Also, at first glance the grill seems to be on the heavier side. But, if you examine it closely, you will most likely be pleasantly surprised. That is because it weighs only 21 pounds.

It contains a removable non-stick surface for grilling, having a diameter of 17.5 inches. The total cooking area is 240 sq. inches. As far as its dimensions go, it has a size of approximately 22 by 20 by 13 inches. There is a thoughtful sloping-type grate base attached, which draws food fat away into the tray. So overall, the cooked food is always very healthy.

It makes use of 1600 watts, and allows controlling of temperate. So, you can either keep the temperature at a very high level, or can choose a very low level. Also, starting the appliance is very easy, since there is push button ignition system.

Some other features of the appliance are:

  • It has a temperature gauge which makes heat monitoring accurate
  • In order to facilitate outdoor grilling, the model comes with 2.5 ft. pedestal
  • There is an aluminum cover which maintains optimum heat
  • While workmanship or material defects are covered by a 90-day warranty period, the grill comes with a standard 1-year warranty

One of the most useful aspects of this grill is its variable temperature feature. That is, you can set temperature from level 1 to level 5. While level 3 and level 4 are good for most types of cooking, if you want to sear meats, your best bet is to trust level 5. However, note that there is no way to know the actual degree temperature.

Good thing is, it does not cost a whole lot either.  If you are willing to buy it online, chances are you will end up getting a discount of at least $50 on the retail price. The GGR50B, as a whole, is a great electrical grill which can satisfy outdoor cooking needs, as well as indoor requirements quite well.

3. Meco Deluxe 9325 Electric Grill

Completing my roundup of the best outdoor electric grill is the Meco 9325 Electric Grill which is almost as traditional as an electric grill can get. A patio-sized appliance, the grill does not look like an electrical one in any way. In fact, most of your guests will be totally surprised if you tell them that the grill runs on electricity. Some people may end up noticing the lack of a propane tank, or the presence of cable, but that is another story.

Meco Deluxe 9325 Electric Grill

This grill features 2 foldable shelves made of wood. Each of the shelves contains 3 slats. The presence of these shelves is truly helpful when it comes to cooking, as you can have various prepared things at hand quickly. You need not worry about assembling the appliance, since the grill, as well as the hood, comes pre-assembled. Putting together the stand is the only job you have to complete.

You need to understand that with a grill like this, you cannot expect to have very high intensity of temperature, which is commonly found with gas grills. That is because electrically-operated grills tend to be not very good at generating very high temperatures. Also, since this grill has only 200 sq. inches of cooking area, you cannot cook food for a huge group. In fact, you cannot even cook a large quantity of food if you want to.

However, its great value for money and one of the best rated outdoor electric grills in the market.

The stand it features is waist-high, and the same has 2 wheels in order to make maneuverability easy. Even though the stand cannot be regarded as extraordinary, the thing works.

Generally, 1500 watts is not a lot to generate very high temperatures. However, since this Meco utilizes cast iron plates, transfer and retention of heat witnessed is pretty good. You can choose from 3 different temperature settings in the thermostat. So, you have the flexibility to either choose a very low temperature, or a very hot one. Also, its heating element is moveable, to either allow direct cooking, or prevent it. Even though these features exist primarily to maximize the effectiveness of heat produced, the grill is quite clumsy due to the presence of the same. Note that replacing aluminum liner can be quite a frustrating task with this appliance. Also, accessing the drip pan can be a bit of a challenge.



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