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Choosing the Best Offset Smoker for the Money

by The Smoke Expert on August 14, 2014

Although a little tough to operate as compared to electric smokers, offset smokers do offer the advantages of functioning as a grill with a large cooking area and can smoke a lot of stuff at the same time. However, finding the best offset smoker can be a pain in the rear! This list features 3 […]


Best Propane Grill under 200 Dollars

by The Smoke Expert on July 23, 2014

I’ve been in love with propane grills for quite some time now and occasionally do pull it out in favor of a propane smoker. So the other day when I was attending a small BBQ party, somebody asked me what I thought was the best propane grill under 200 dollars! That got me thinking and […]


Best Propane Smoker under 200 Dollars

by The Smoke Expert on July 15, 2014

Even though my website is dedicated primarily to helping you find the best electric smoker, I do have a lot of experience with gas smokers (hey, we all started with one) and have extensively tested out most of the propane smokers available in the market. So when one reader wrote in saying he was having […]


A Personal Review of the Best Wood Smoker

by The Smoke Expert on July 1, 2014

Even though the market is getting filled up with different kinds of smoking appliances, the truth is that nothing comes close to a wood smoker when it comes to cooking smoked food. Of course, compared to gas, charcoal or electric smokers, the learning curve is a bit longer with a wood variety, yet the effort […]


A Detailed Review of the Best Gas Grills under $200

by The Smoke Expert on June 20, 2014

My last post focused on the top gas grills that cost less than 500 dollars and was really appreciated by a lot of readers because it took the whole guesswork and research process out of the way. However, some of you wrote in saying that you would have loved to see some cheaper options, preferably […]

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Your Guide to the Best Electric Smoker under 200 Dollars

by The Smoke Expert on June 9, 2014

While my last post focused on the top 3 electric smokers that cost less than 300 dollars, some of you wrote in asking me to review electric smokehouses that cost even lesser than that, preferably in the $100-$200 range. So I went ahead and after a lot of research coupled with my years of experience […]