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Best Wood for Smoking Meat – A Detailed Guide

by The Smoke Expert on August 28, 2014

Very often, people approach me asking what the best wood for smoking meat is. The problem is, there is no right answer to that. While one wood may impart a flavor that is loved by your friend, you may like the flavor imparted by something else entirely. Wood choice for smoking meat is all about […]

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Types of Barbecue Wood to Use while Smoking Meat

by The Smoke Expert on December 19, 2013

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to barbecue. What flavors will you look for? What rubs and marinades will you use? How well done will you cook the meat? When making barbecue decisions, you’ll need to choose which type of wood you’ll use. Here, we’ll look at a few popular types of wood […]


Best Wood Chips for Smoking

by The Smoke Expert on December 14, 2013

Anyone that has decided to seriously approach the culinary world of barbecue understands that there are three different and distinct “legs” and that need to be mastered to get the very best results. On the one hand, you need to have absolutely top shelf meet and some of the finest cuts you can find. Now, […]