Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Reviews – The 20070910 Electric Smokehouse

by The Smoke Expert on June 25, 2014

One of the best electric smokers that I recommend to almost everyone and in particular, to beginners, is one of my favorites as well – the Masterbuilt 30 inch Electric Smokehouse!

Packing advanced innovative technology as well as brilliant quality, the 30-inch smoker from Masterbuilt is one of the finest of smokers available. The superior casing with powder-coating makes it a keeper and four racks for smoking makes cooking in it very space-friendly. This digital smoker can not only cook chicken, fish, sausage as well as ham, but can also show its magic when it comes to turkey, vegetables, nuts and ribs.

Temperature can be adjusted from 100 degrees to 275 degrees, allowing greater versatility in cooking, and because of push button interface, using it is quite easy. Moreover, in terms of features, it is packed with automatic shut off, timer ranging from 0 to 24 hours and more. Cleaning is also effortless with it, since it packs a removable variety of water pan, along with a drip pan.

Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Reviews

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Owing to its ability to take care of even the most important aspects automatically, this particular smoker is very suitable for beginners. Of course, experienced cooking experts are going to love it too for its ease of use and simplicity of maintenance. This 30-inch smoker stands out from its competitors due to its highly like-able interface and easy to operate controls! Let’s dig right into my personal Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Reviews of the 30 inch 20070910 Electric Smokehouse.

The smoker has the right size

One great thing about this smoker is that its size is truly good in terms of design as well as space. Not only is the cabinet style quite large, but also the overall look is quite captivating. This smoker looks like the compact refrigerators that are often seen in dorms. Note that due to its overall style of design, it is a bit heavier compared to some of its similarly priced competitors.

Its weight is 72 pounds

Its heavy weight may be a bit inconvenient to manage at times, especially in case you constantly find yourself changing the location of your smoker. So whenever you have to move it, make sure that you take help from someone else, instead of attempting to move it alone. Having a height of 33.9-inches, width of 18.3 inches and depth of 19.5 inches, this smoker can be said to have a relatively large size.

However, considering that most restaurant units consume almost a whole wall, its size is negligible. Moreover, due to its accommodating size, you can keep loads of foods inside it anytime you want. As a matter of fact, its cooking space is much higher than many other compact models available in the market, which is a good thing.

It is packed with four different grills

The presence of four grills makes this model a great fun-enhancer. If you are just cooking for yourself, or for you and your family, just using one or two grills should get the job done. You need to use all the four grills only when you are dealing with a large food-crazy crowd.

Masterbuilt 30 inch Electric Smoker

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Maintaining it is not a lot of work

Cleaning a barbecue-making grill after it has been used can be tough task to handle. However, such a hassle does not exist with this particular Masterbuilt electric smoker. The cleaning process is an extremely simple process with it, and moreover, the process does not consume much time either. With this model, you can relax because the fun is not ruined by a repulsive cleaning time.

Removable pans make cleaning enjoyable

The addition of a removable kind of drip pan and a grease pan of rear-mounted variety makes the cleaning process even quicker. The pans hold liquid to be cleaned, and cleaning the pans is not rocket science or anything.

It allows easy instant smoking

By this time, you are most probably thinking what the actual smoking process is like in this smoker. To be frank, the smoker is really easy to setup, and since a number of features are automatic, the control process is a breeze overall. For example, the thermostat is present in order to keep track of timing as well as temperature. In fact, the addition of timer in this model is something to be cherished, because many other similarly priced models do not come with a timer feature.

Its auto thermostat keeps you relaxed

With most models in the market, you need to constantly be aware of the time. However, with this model, you do not have to check the time every now and then in order to turn it off when the time is right, because it features an automatic timer which can be set according to your requirement. With this model, you can cook your food, and be engaged in TV, game or even go out of the house, knowing that your food is being prepared at home and will be turned off at the right time!

The chip tray is another good addition

Burning chips of wood is vital to imparting a good smoky flavor in your food, and that is why, this model features a nice chip tray. You need to keep the chips into your tray, and the smoker will do the job of burning them and making everything smoky.

Its energy saving capability will relieve you

With this electric smoker taking care of your food, you do not have to worry about paying a hefty electricity bill every month. This Masterbuilt smokehouse is a very energy-efficient appliance, and therefore, huge numbers are not going to bother you when it comes to the electricity bill.

Masterbuilt Digital Smoker


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One very effective feature is its insulation which literally traps heat. Because of the presence of the insulation, the appliance does not require too much power. Also, whether it is hot or cold outside is completely irrelevant to its performance, which is fantastic, especially considering that most models perform differently during different weather conditions, often leading to inferior performance during the winter months.

Moreover its energy efficiency is further fueled by the remarkable fact that it has an accommodating size, because that means you can load a huge amount of food at once, without having to load multiple times.

The following are the main highlights of this product:

  • Temperature can be adjusted between 100 and 275 degree Fahrenheit
  • The cooking space is greater than 4300 cubic-inches
  • In order to keep humidity as well as smoke in control, air damper is present
  • There is no requirement of using either propane or gas, since it operates electrically
  • The presence of push button allows better control and handling
  • The timer option or automatic shut-off option works like a charm

Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Reviews – Minor Drawbacks

Having tried it for preparing most foods including fish, pork and all kinds of red meats, I personally feel that as long as a good recipe is followed and the instructions are kept in mind, a delicious meal is inevitable.

However, at this point in my journey with this Masterbuilt electric smoker, I have not tried making poultry yet, and do not think I will. Actually, the issue is that the experience with poultry may be a bit disappointing with this product, as many reviews and customer opinions suggest that without raising the temperature level to about 350 degrees, poultry cooking is almost impossible with this product. Other than that, I have not experienced or heard about any major drawback of this Masterbuilt 20070910 Electric Smoker.


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