My Detailed Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker Review

by The Smoke Expert on January 27, 2014

One of the prominent industries dealing with smokers and grills as per the current ratings is the WC Bradley Company. Having cleverly blended in with the swiftly growing technology, the company has forged quite an impressive masterpiece with the Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker.

What is new in this invention?

The name itself suggests the digital aspect of the grill. Apart from being electric, the device also boasts a digitally controlled platform, which enables you to control every part of the smoker. Moreover, the unit has an automatic feed system that allows for briquettes to be fed into the smoker. In addition, there is a heavy duty smoke detector attached onto its side.

Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker Review

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There is an application of powder epoxy steel during the construction of this smoker. At its processing plant, a powder form of epoxy is sprinkled over already heated steel. After sometime the powder will melt forming a thick coating on the smoker. The effect of this is that a bonding process creates a strong covering that protects the unit. This makes the smoker resistant to destructive agents such as chemicals, rust and corrosion. Basically, this robust nature is what makes the Bradley 4-Rack Smoker more worthy than other similar competitors.

Technological rating

The world’s technological level elevates day in day out. Therefore most consumers are progressively shaping in and adapting to the trendy move of using programmable equipment in their homes. With most smokers being manually operated, the technology incorporated in the Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker makes it stand out from the crowd. This eradicates the commonly used means of knowing if a turkey’s breast is well roasted and hence takes the guesswork out of the equation!

More exquisite features

Having control of every situation we find ourselves in is what we all want. Similarly, with the Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker, you are guaranteed of a pleasant uncharred and palatable meal. The fact that you can be able to control the temperature and the cooking time ensures you have that crispy chunk of meat for supper.

Since there are times when you may get weary of constantly checking on the heat present in the grill, I would propose that you secure yourself a grill such as this. This is because the only worry you should have is whether or not you set the right temperature for complete cooking of your meat. You may just put in what is to be cooked, set the desired temperature, without any worries of your steak being scorched.

Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker

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With that aside, you may, though not frequently, get bored with the idea of sitting around and waiting for the smoking process to come to an end. This gadget deals with this problem by facilitating an automatic on and off mechanism during the cooking process. You may schedule it to start grilling at a given time in your absence and to terminate at another appointed time. This ensures the food is completely cooked and not only being smoked, something common with manually operated grills. Also, in your earlier experiences with other smoking appliances, I am almost certain that none of those matches this grill.

How does it function?

The Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker works on the slow but sure principle or rather, mechanism. This smoker slowly cooks food, with the set temperature ensuring that the heat is supplied to every part. It is convenient as it can get as high as 3200F, a temperature capable of cooking any meal you want. Despite the fact that it has one of the highest temperatures in the range of home cookers, the results are outstanding.

In roasting, it is important to consider many aspects: time, position, rotation among other factors and not only the temperature aspect of it. As long as you have the right temperature for cooking, you are good to go, with no need of additional and unwanted temperatures. The Bradley 4-Rack Smoker takes this into consideration and hence, with just a bit of temperature, you are accessible to a lot of services offered by this gadget.

Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker Specifications

You may not have been propelled to vouch for the Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker, in an open air market setting. However with these outstanding features may alter your attitude towards this appliance.

  • Operating mechanism of the smoker is electricity dependent, meaning you do not need to fuel or buy gas for its functioning.
  • It has a warranty, meaning the confidence level of the manufacturer’s themselves on the product is high.
  • The smoker is insulated, minimizing heat loss and ensuring ease of operation when handling it
  • Food can be smoked at fairly low temperatures, what is known as ‘cold smoke’
  • The device is digital, giving you total control over it and providing you with your desired results
  • The smoker is capable of an 8-hour programmed cooking
  • The smoker has ample cooking space, made possible by its four cooking racks, with a total cooking area of 2298 cubic inches  and each rack having 11 by 13 inches dimensions
  • The cooking element only consumes 500 watts of power whilst the smoking element consumes 125 watts
  • The smoker has been rated as safe by ETL and CE
  • The smoker itself is highly portable, with dimensions of 31 inches tall, 14 inches deep and 17 inches wide and a weight of 42 pounds

Customer’s opinions

The customer rating on this grill is quite high, with the most liked feature being the automation capability of the Bradley Digital 4-Rack Smoker. Moreover, since no one wants to have a smoky odor while eating, the smoke control feature won the votes of many users. However, the consumers put down a number of complaints, such as the heating element burning out after some subsequent use. Moreover, compared to other smokers, the programmable heating is not satisfactory since 8 hours is a small time span.

Yet, these appear to be individual complaints with each customer having personal interest that needs quenching. So, these complaints should not out rightly qualify as determinants of the overall functioning of this smoker

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