My Detailed Emson Indoor Pressure Smoker and Cooker Review

by The Smoke Expert on April 1, 2014

Almost everyone likes to enjoy some hot and delicious smoked meat in the serenity of their home sweet home. But most people either just keep craving or end up at some mediocre barbecue restaurant to curb their desires. There is only one reason for this – no one wants to put that outrageously bulky, dark meat smoker right on the outside completely destroying their lovely house outlook.

All such people “sob no more!”

This dilemma of having perfectly cooked smoked meat without having an outdoor smoker has been solved. Now you can cook ‘real’ smoked meat with the most exquisite taste in your kitchen without having to worry about coal and oil! Emson Pressure Smoker is the dream indoor electric smoker that fits into your kitchen design without any problem. The smoker is unique in the sense that it combines modern ways of pressure baking and pressure smoking to achieve the classical smoked flavor!

Emson Indoor Pressure Smoker and Cooker Review

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Emson Indoor Smoker is ideal for all due to its small size, economical design, fast and no-mess cooking. It is completely automatic and comes with a lot of other perks that makes it suitable for both regular and occasional cooking.

Powered By a ‘Smoking’ Concept

This Emson appliance has dual functionality. It works as a smoker, as well as a pressure cooker. Designed at the same size proportions as the traditional slow cookers, this ‘smoker n cooker’ will not chomp up extra space of your kitchen. Your Emson unit will cook meat much faster with increased pressure, which means you can enjoy meat that tastes like it’s been daylong smoked without any delay!

The appliance operates on electricity. There will be no messy burned-coal stains on your kitchen walls and no ash on the floor. Only the tantalizing aroma of perfectly smoked meat will be there for you to enjoy as you combine it with cheese, potatoes, brisket etc.! You can cook any kind of meat in this Emson unit including beef, mutton, poultry and even the tender fish.

The cooker works by increasing the internal pressure of the cooking chamber to 15 psi more than usual, which makes cooking anything nearly 70 percent faster. The pressurized hot smoke will remain in the cooker until the pressure is released. Always be careful and use a hand towel or a tong at the time of releasing steam pressure.

Now you would be wondering how Emson Electric Smoker produces the smoke that will give the meat its unique taste. The answer is wood chips. The internal chamber needs no more than three to small wood pieces to produce the genuine barbecue flavor. The wood chips are easily available at any grocery store so you do not have to worry about that. You can change the number of wood chips mentioned in the recipes according to your liking for smoky flavor. There is one secret if you want lightly smoked taste: soak the wooden chips in water for around half an hour, this will help immensely in reducing the smoke.

The Emson Pressure Smoker n Cooker is very easy to manage. It does not take long to clean and store it. Place this appliance directly under your kitchen’s exhaust system, and you’ll be surprised by its efficiency!

Operating Controls – Easy as you like it

You will not find any other cooking appliance with such easy controls. Put the stuff you want to cook accompanied by half a cup of water. For smoking the meat, put wooden chips to the small compartment. Choose the cooking method from cold smoke, hot smoke, brown, pressure cook, steam cook, etc. Now set the timer and push the button! That’s it. Your smoking hot meat will be ready by the time you are done with ‘on the side’ things.

Emson Indoor Pressure Smoker and Cooker

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This amazing cooking appliance comes in sizes of 5qt and 7qt. The 5qt model can hold four pounds of meat. This is equal to the average chicken or medium sized brisket or some chicken wings or a turkey breast. The Emson Indoor Electric Smoker and Cooker houses four racks which gives you plenty of space to distribute the meat for an evenly cooked barbecue.

Important Facts Regarding the Emson Cooker and Smoker

  • The ‘Emson Pressure Cooker and Smoker’ is designed specifically to be used indoors and runs on electricity.
  • The cooking unit utilizes approximately 1000 watts.
  • The appliance is available with easy to use digital controls.
  • It plugs into the standard AC wall outlet.
  • This appliance weighs 13 pounds (6kg approx.).
  • The pressure cooker comes with a two year limited warranty at no extra cost.
  • It is available in 5quart and 7quart capacities. The 5quart can hold around 4 pounds of meat at once.
  • The cooker houses four racks that are completely adjustable to accommodate layers of meat convenient for cooking.
  • It can reduce the cooking time up to 70 percent.
  • The cooking unit can cook, sear and cold smoke the meat.
  • The more wooden chips you place in the small compartment, the stronger smoky taste you get.
  • The appliance dimensions are 13.2″w x 13.2″d x 12.6″h

Loaded with Positive User Reviews:

This masterpiece appliance from Emson has received a lot of good reviews from its users. Most people like its simplicity bundled with fast and excellent cooking. This product has been labeled as a family favorite because it takes virtually no time and effort to cook a deliciously smoked meal in it.

The reviews have been exceptional not only because of excellent cooking performance but also due to great customer support service. The support staff is very caring, responsive and caters to customer queries aptly.

Conquer the hearts of your loved ones by making exquisite smoked food in Emson Pressure Cooker and Smoker without any mess or difficulty. This appliance can become the “Jewel on the Crown” of the kitchen of a smart lady. You will definitely feel the difference in taste, aroma and cooking time as you will use this state of the art cooking machine. Follow the instructions, choose the cooking method according to your liking and you will savor the best smoked meal of your life.

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