My Detailed Meco 5030 Electric Smoker and Grill Review

by The Smoke Expert on April 12, 2014

Are you looking for an electric food smoker which can be transformed to charcoal as well? Doesn’t that sound unrealistic? In addition to this, what if I tell you that your smoker can also be simple and basic which helps in making delicious smoky meat quickly!

Yes, now you can prepare yummy and juicy meat without attending to the coals every hour.  I had the chance to test out the new Meco 5030 Electric Smoker and Grill and it definitely does a wonderful job and is worthy for its price.

Let me give you a detailed review of the smoker and my experience with it.

Wonderful Performance and Perfect Temperature

Do you want to smoke beef, fish, vegetables, pork, sausages, ribs or turkey? Whatever it may be, this smoker will complete the job quickly and easily. The compliments you achieve from family and friends after tasting the delicious and juicy meat made by the smoker are because of this amazing performance unit.

Meco 5030 Electric Smoker and Grill

The Meco 5030 Electric Smoker and Grill has a heating capacity up to 1,500 watts which assures heat distribution consistently. Whenever you barbeque using this unit, you will be surprised with the performance because everything comes out perfectly grilled with this amazing Meco unit. Whatever be the type of meat, you will always experience perfect barbequing temperatures and the meat will evenly cook without remaining raw inside and burnt outside.

Simple to Assemble

The Meco Electric Smoker and Grill is very easy and simple to assemble.  The instruction provided is clear and straight and it took me just under an hour to set the smoker. Whenever your family wishes to eat something grilled or smoked, you can do easily do it without complaining.

This unit contains of two 15.5 inches nickel plated cooking grids which can simultaneously cook at different temperature levels. It has a complete cooking area of 351 square inches and the unit also includes handles on the hood which are heat resistant and safe. Hence, you don’t have to fear burning yourself while you open or move the hood.

The two front sliding doors present in the Meco Electric Smoker not only enable you to monitor the remaining wood chunks and water level but also enable you to add water or wood without removing the hood. Talk about ease of use!

You can easily control the temperatures with a removable thermostat control which has three controlling levels: High, Medium, and Low. You don’t have to baby sit your smoker the complete day.

Also, it is very easy to clean the smoker and it only took me around 10 minutes to clean the complete smoker.

Other Important Features:

  • Meco is a well known company which also owns Aussie Grills. Under their label they used to sell a couple of electric smokers. Recently they decided to rename it to the brand Southern Country.
  • Black coated steel is used in making of Meco 5030 Electric Smoker.
  • The smoker has an amazing combination of both electric and water cooking with extended cooking time.
  • It has the finest control mechanism which ensures less monitoring when compared to regular charcoal smokers.
  • The unit has a heating capacity of 1500 watts which ensures an even heat distribution from top to bottom.
  • The smoker includes two nickel plated cooking grids of 15.5 inches each.
  • The smoker griller enables an overall cooking place of 351 square inches.
  • It contains a removable thermostatic controller
  • The porcelain-glazed pan present in the smokers has the capability of 5-1/2 quarts of water which is sufficient for almost five hours of cooking process.
  • The front sliding doors make it easy to supply wood and water as per required
  • The smoker has the capacity of handling 50 pounds of meat at once.

Other Customer Reviews:

The Meco 5030 Electric Smoker and Grill has obtained quite a few reviews online with some customers praising it a lot while others having a few complaints.

A lot of customers were happy about the durability and the double door which enables you to add more wood as per the requirement. They admired the taste, smoky flavor, minimal heat loss and ease of using.

Yet some customers had felt there were areas of improvement. They spoke about the trouble in using the unit, also mentioned about the gaps where the lid closes on the top of unit and experienced loss of smoke. They also mentioned that the instructions were not so clear for electric cooking and were only provided for the charcoal version.

Final Conclusion

All in all, I was pretty satisfied with the Meco Electric Smoker and Grill as it provides a longer cooking time, finest control mechanism and requires less monitoring. The coils helps in boiling the water which provides enough steam to burn wood chips which in turn produces smoke that penetrates and adds extra flavor to the food during the cooking process.

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