Smoke Hollow Smoker Review – A Detailed Guide

by The Smoke Expert on August 7, 2014

A few months ago, my old smoker ended up being a reduced to a piece of junk. Not only did the heating element fail to last long, but also there were no routes by which I could replace the element after it developed a defect. So I had to start my hunt for a new electric smoker.

After going through a bunch of different options, I finally brought home one and this is my detailed Smoke Hollow Smoker review. My main reason for choosing the model was the ability to replace the element and controller. That was important because most electric smokers develop heating element problems sooner or later.

Note: I also featured the Smoke Hollow 30162E Electric Smoker on my list of the top 3 electric smokers under $200.

Superior design ensuring admirable performance

This smoker has an incredibly powerful double steel body with proper insulation for trapping heat. It can maintain a constant level of heat for as long as you want it to maintain, and it does not matter whether the outside is freezing cold or ridiculously hot. Moreover, the temperature gauge provided gives very precise readings. As a matter of fact, the smoker can even maintain heat quite well when the door is kept open for a while as well, although why that happens is a mystery to me. Maintaining a temperature of around 225 degrees to 250 degrees constantly is no big deal when frequent door opening is avoided.

Smoke Hollow Smoker

The water pan has been constructed specially to keep rust away, and the wood chip box is decently designed too. In case you want a unit which can work in different environmental or weather conditions, the 30162E model will satisfy you quite well! The smoking capacity of the Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker is so good that your guests will not even believe that your delicious food was prepared in your own backyard, and not bought from a popular BBQ joint.

This product can work very well outdoors. In case you want to bring it out, you need to have circuits that are GFCI-protected and an extension cord that has the ability to take immense load. The good thing is, unlike many other smokers of this class, this one does not get hot outside. The outer part remains cool even when the smoker is maintaining 400 degrees inside, which is truly impressive!

The box for wood chips has been made using painted steel that can withstand extremely high temperatures, and the water pan has been coated using porcelain, in order to make it rust and corrosion free. Leaks are prevented due to the presence of magnetic-type latching system at the door. Since the temperate gauge readings are very accurate, monitoring and operating it is hassle-free.

The Smoke Hollow Smoker has the ability to make all kinds of smoked foods deliciously. Whether you like fish, poultry, veggies or meat, the cooking ability of this appliance will captivate you.

User-friendly smoker with easy cleaning

This Smoke Hollow has been specially made for outdoor cooking, and that is the reason why it can make parties and gatherings super fun. Moreover, most parts are replaceable, so you do not have to worry about buying a new smoker in case something develops a defect.

It is not always possible to keep watching the appliance when you are cooking something, and that is the reason why electric smokers are much more wonderful compared to charcoal varieties. You can just set your desired temperature, and leave the place whenever you want. The smoker will automatically cook food without making any mess.

Besides, the product is very easy to assemble too, along with being truly user-friendly. Also, the cleaning process is quite straightforward.

Lightweight and greatly accommodating

When you take a look at the smoker from outside, it may appear to be a bit compact. However, once you see what is inside, you get blown away. The smoker features 3 racks, 2 of those are adjustable and 1 is finely fixed. I tried halving 2 full baby back rib racks, and putting on two shelves of the smoker. I noticed that it may be possible to stuff 3 half racks if you are willing to use all the 3 shelves. Also, if you are good at making adjustments, then doing a bit of mixing and matching will allow you to put a lot more food than that. You will be able to put turkey, beef brisket, whole chicken and a lot more items at once.

Smoke Hollow Smoker Review

By now, you may be expecting a heavy weight, but the smoker is very lightweight. Further, it has 2 nice carrying handles for moving it around the house. Of course, once you put a lot of food items inside it, it is going to get quite heavy. That is why, in case the appliance seems too heavy to move, be sure to get the racks out. You can also get the wood chip tray removed to make the smoker even lighter.

Impressive packaging

The packaging is extremely safe. When I finally received the smoker, it was totally undamaged. The main box is put inside another huge box, with some cardboard fillings. Styrofoam bits are used in packaging too, for added safety.

Quick assembly

My Smoke Hollow Smoker review will not be complete without discussing the assembly bit. You will not have to spend more than 30 minutes getting it assembled fully. You need to attach handles, legs, racks and heating element. The instructions are very detailed, and the screws included come separated according to length and size for convenience. The instructions clearly state which screws to put where. Mostly, a screwdriver will suffice. However, to deal with a few nuts, a 10mm size wrench may be helpful. The only bothersome thing may be the metric hex size used.

Minor disadvantages

I feel that the company could have made use of slightly better quality of material when making the handles. Other than that, the drainage system is not the best in the world either. Actually, the drainage tray design is such that it can send fat in totally wrong direction. Moreover, at times, you may need to cook certain foods for a long time to achieve desired results.

The Smoke Hollow Smoker at a glance:

  • Particularly designed to provide great outdoor cooking time
  • To assist in user friendliness, carrying handles are provided
  • The door has the ability to nicely latch out, like refrigerator doors
  • It has two nice cooking grids
  • The appliance has three different settings for temperature control
  •  It has dimensions of 16 by 30 by 14
  • The price of the smoker is very reasonable, judging by all the features it has to offer
  •  High-quality materials make construction quality superb, and the design is impressive

Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker

Smoke Hollow Smoker Review – In conclusion

You will not find much to complain about the Smoke Hollow Smoker. Overall, you get great value for your money, because this electric smokehouse is capable of satisfying advanced users, as well as complete beginners. The wood chips work well when it comes to imparting excellent smoked flavor to meat.

The thing is that even though it has to offer a lot of great things, still the controls are not too complicated. You can produce delicious foods in large quantities without having to get involved in any complexities.

You can make a few adjustments to make it slightly better too, like making all of the shelves removal-friendly to get better cleaning, and adding a bit of slope to the grease drain etc.

If you liked reading my detailed Smoke Hollow Smoker review, then do check out the video below

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